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  • Aerial Home Workout Bundle

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    No aerial equipment - no problem! With these exercises you'll get your aerial body ready & healthy to be back in the air with ease!
    This is a trial bundle! With the code "aerialhome2021" you'll get the trial bundle for free. For all non US-Dollar payers, the system charges 1 symbolic $/€.

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    These tutorials are normally only available through a subscription and are worth more than 30$! But for these special holidays, I want to give them to you for free (coupon code for $ is "HAPPYAERIAL2020" ), for all non $ payers I need to charge a symbolic 1€ or equivalent in your currency.

    I hop...

  • Low Flow Bundle (German/Deutsch)

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    Kreative Low Flows für deine Aerial Praxis auch auf wenig Höhe! Intermediate-Advanced Combos & Flows sowie eine komplette Choreographie!

    + Low Flow: Fake Side Planche #showoff #twisty
    + Low Flow: "Allein an deinen Beinen" #rollin' #splitty
    + Low Flow full Choreo: Seat Belt #flowy #floorial

  • Mermaid Choreography (Intermediate)

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    - magical - flowy - dreamy -
    This is an intermediate Flow Class with sneaky transitions, small drops & flips.
    15 step-by-step videos of each individual skill as well as transitions. This will guide you easily to completing this flow to a 3 min song. An additional workbook (PDF) will help you trac...

  • Single Class: False Thigh Lock Back Balance (I-A)

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    Intermediate-Advanced Combo
    #dynamic #twisty #showoff

    ... dynamic entry into a false thigh lock back balance

  • Single Class: Loop SIt to Front Balance (I-A)

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    #rope #dynamic #fun

    check Instagram @aerialsea / @aerialsea.coaching for the flow preview!

  • Low Flow: Fake Side Planche Noodelin' (GER; I)

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    (!!! German with English subtitles)
    #playful #twisty #fun #low with some side planche magic, intermediate level
    This is the recap from my lockdown-live-zoom class for LOW CEILING FLOW! It's a full flow tutorial. It's in German (!), but you can turn on English subtitles! If you'd prefer the whole ...

  • Beginner's Bundle

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    Basic Moves and simple combos for the motivated beginner.

  • Creative Bundle: Create your own flow

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    Do you want to turn your "aerial vocabulary" into your personal, unique story? You are tired of just doing trick-after-trick? You want to learn how to connect certain phrases into a creative & smooth choreography and make it YOURS?
    You can learn a thousand tricks, but in this bundle, we will stre...

  • Tricky Transitions Bundle (Advanced & Interm.+)

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    Advanced tutorials in a bundle for you!